True Companion !!!

One day she walked out of my life. She was the only companion I had. I had to choose between her and whisky. I didn’t choose her not because I didn’t want to but because the whisky within didn’t allow me to. I want to give it up; whisk it away but before that it may just manage to whisk(y) away my life. Sadly, it may prove to be my true companion till the very end ………..

This post is in response to the one-word prompt. Companion

Its all about money ……oh honey !

Guy to Girl :

Ten little fingers, Ten little toes,

When would you end my woes,

Don’t lure me with your sexy pose,

Ten little fingers, Ten little toes.

Girl to Guy:

Two spoky ears, Two wide eyes,

You seems to be rich and nice,

To get me, you need to pay a big price,

Two little ears, Two wide eyes.

Guy to Girl:

I don’t have any money,

Please understand this O honey.

Girl to Guy:

Then I cannot be your bunny,

Becos your don’t have any money.


N.B No offense to anyone.

via Daily Prompt: Ten

On the beach ..

‘Quite exquisite !! Isn’t it ?’, I heard someone saying . I turned around and saw the lady with a blue hat smiling at me.

‘ Hey Blue bird, how’re you doing  ?’ , I said pouring  another glass of wine.

The beach, the waves , the kids playing with sand and the bikini babes walking all over the shore made up for quite a sight.

The sun was setting, the blue bird was chirping non-stop but who was listening ? After all, it was an exquisite sight not to be missed.

via Daily Prompt: Exquisite

Through the eyes of a blind man ….

Born as blind as a bat, he had not seen anyone, anything so far. Then  one day he received new pair of eyes.

He glanced  at the beautiful, gorgeous nurse as she opened his bandage. He kept looking ,not sure if that’s what beauty was but something was stirring within him …..

“Is everyone as beautiful, gorgeous, sexy like you ?”, he asked hesitantly.

“Don’t judge till you have seen the unseen. Let me get you a mirror, she smiled.

via Daily Prompt: Unseen