Anything for success !!

What the hell is going on between my husband and that bitch?’ Maya’s patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.

Sanjay knew that she was serious. ‘Look, Maya. There is nothing going on between the two of them. Just a little bit of healthy flirting, I’d say.’

‘Flirting? Healthy flirting? Really Sanjay . . .’ she rolled her eyes in disgust. ‘That’s what you men call it? There is nothing healthy about flirting, Sanjay, not for a married man.

Healthy flirting is a term introduced by perverted men who want to lend legitimacy to their extramarital dalliances. Flirting invariably has a sexual connotation to it.’ She got up from her seat and walked around the room gesticulating and muttering something to herself. Suddenly she stopped, turned back, looked at Sanjay and asked, ‘Did my husband sleep with her? You are his friend. Did he ever tell you anything about it?’

‘Why do you even care now? He is not your husband anymore.’ Sanjay corrected Maya

It was like a tight slap on Maya face. Maya was simmering with anger.

“Technically speaking, he still is. Our divorce papers are still getting ready. So, legally he still is’ Maya roared back.

‘When you married Adi, you knew about his character. You still married him. It was a conscious decision on your part. Wasn’t it? Why do you repent now?’

‘I thought I could transform him’ Maya said lamenting over her decision.

‘You can’t straighten a dog’s tail. Can you? Adi’s case is not very different from that of a dog; just that his tail is misplaced and it starts wagging at the slightest possibility of having sex’

These words brought a thin smile on her face. Sanjay had never been so sarcastically critical.

‘Look at them. They are behaving like teenagers, running behind each other, holding hands, whispering and giggling. I think it’s beyond sex this time and Adi has found his true love’ Sanjay opined with a smile further flurrying up the fire in Maya’s heart.

To her Adi was first in many ways. He was her first boyfriend, her first live-in and the first one to take her virginity during their live-in days. They were married for a year now and were planning to have a baby; which would have further cement their relationship. Though Adi was able to give loads of pleasure (as evident from maya’s moans), he wasn’t able to give her a baby. Fate as you may call it had vasectomized Adi. Routine lab tests had revealed that Adi would never be able to father a child; much to Adi’s embarrassment and Maya’s disappointment. Moaning Maya had suddenly become mourning Maya; Adi was back to his old ways and Sheetal was the new fish ready to be fished out.

‘Sheetal, I presume you know who I am’ Maya asked Sheetal as she entered her office.

Sheetal nodded in affirmation.

‘Stay away from him. He is a good guy at heart but you will never be happy with him due to his loyalty issues’

‘But you married him too and now you are divorcing him. Sours grapes haaa?’ Sheetal mocked Maya.

‘I don’t blame you. Love is blind and marriage is an eye opener. I knew about his character but thought that I would be able to change him. I was wrong. My life is over. I don’t want you to commit the same mistake. Learn from my life Sheetal’ Maya stressed holding Sheetal in her arms. Sheetal was shocked and this emotional outburst was too much to handle.

‘I promise I will give it a thought’ Sheetal said looking into Maya’s eyes. Maya was relieved. She felt she did her duty to alert Sheetal of Adi’s ways. Now it was up to her.

In the next few weeks, Maya moved out of Adi’s office. Their divorce went through and Maya started working in a rival publishing house. Months passed and one day she met Sheetal in a book store.

‘Hello there. Congratulations on your new book with Adi’ Maya greeted Sheetal.

‘And on your marriage with Sanjay and also for the baby which I assume is coming soon’ Maya said looking at the baby bump.

‘Thanks Maya. Your advice saved me. I realized that Adi was not the right guy for me. Thanks for making me realize this’ Sheetal said holding Maya’s hands.

‘But still you chose to write with Adi? I don’t understand’ Maya questioned.

‘Adi is an established writer. Its an arrangement more on the lines of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours. He will help me establish myself as a writer while I carry his …’ Sheetal said pointing to her tummy.

‘That’s impossble. He can’t …..’ Maya stopped midway.

‘Ya Ya. I know. To the world it’s Adi. Infact it is not. I will maintain that it is Adi’s child and that would help Adi forget that he is impotent. In return, he will make me his his co-author. A fair deal, isn’t it?’  Sheetal smiled.

‘Does Sanjay know this?’

‘Ofcourse he does. I took him into confidence’

‘What was your role in writing ‘The bestseller she ever wrote’?’

‘I just read what Adi wrote and provided a few suggestions which he largely ignored’

‘Does it not bother that you had to do all this for fame?’ Maya roared at Sheetal.

‘See sister. We all need something in life. Adi needed something. I needed something and Sanjay needed something. We helped each other achieve. It’s a win-win situation for all’

‘Did you ever sleep with him?’

‘I must admit writers are very good with their pens’ Sheetal laughed it off.

‘Was Sanjay ok with all this?’

‘Sanjay doesn’t need to know these intimate details. For him, we were in a relationship which is over now. I am Mrs. Sanjay and junior Sanjay is on the way. I must admit that I miss all the fun I had with Adi’ Sheetal lamented.

‘I was wrong. I could never judge you Sheetal’

 ‘Sister. This is Maya. Atleast you being Maya should have understood this better’

‘What next? How are you going to get him co-author another book with you?’

‘Sex and seduction is a great tool. If I still fail, what are contacts for? I know most of the top people in the publishing houses across the country now. Marketing people are coming out with innovative and creative ways to increase sales and all the help is available to polish the content. You just need to pay these folks in the currency they expect. I hope you understood what I meant’

Maya was shocked at Sheetal’s shamelessness.

‘But why Sanjay? You could have picked anyone else?’

‘Sanjay is Adi’s close friend and works with Adi on his projects. This would give me good access to Adi and I have good chances of writing alongside him; understand that a few compromises I may have to make though’

‘….. and one more thing. You asked me my contribution towards the book I co-authored with Adi. My acknowledgement is completely mine’

So saying Sheetal passed on a copy of her book. Maya flipped the pages and started reading the acknowledgement section. It read ….

‘Adi is not

Only a great writer but also

the  father of my child. With Adi, It was

love and understanding and not

just sex sex and sex. My contribution in writing this book

has been more of learning and experimenting and without Adi, my success

is zero.’

‘This looks completely dis-organized. May be you could have put them together’ Maya commented

‘That’s the catch here. Read in between the lines and you would understand the real meaning behind this’

Maya read and

‘Adi is not

Only a great writer but also

the  father of my child. With Adi, It was

love and understanding and not

just sex sex and sex. My contribution in writing this book

has been more of learning and experimenting and without Adi, my success

is zero.’

Maya kept looking at Sheetal and few fans surrounded her and asked for her autograph on her bestselling novel ‘The best seller she ever wrote’ Maya moved forward towards Sheetal and requested an autograph which Sheetal readily gave. Sheetal had taught her an important lesson that one can stoop to any level to gain name, fame and money.

As Maya stood there watching the galore around Sheetal, Sanjay joined Maya.

‘Maya, we miss you at the office’

‘I too miss you guys. So, what’s next for you now?’

‘I am co-authoring a book with Adi about a romantic love story based in Himachal. He wants me to spend few weeks in Himachal to get into the skin of the character’

‘How can you? Junior is coming’

‘Yes, the project would be coming six months down the line. Junior would have been five months old already by then’

‘You taking junior and Sheetal along ?’

‘That won’t be possible. Sheetal and Adi are planning on their next novel’

Maya stood their as sanjay bade her good-bye witnessing treachery and innocence going hand-in-hand.

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