Behind every successful man ……

via Daily Prompt: Capable

She picked me up from the street. I don’t know who my parents were. She fed me, clothed me & gave me love. She worked hard, while I studied. As days rolled by, I grew young and she turned old.

“Retire and Relax, Nana”, I said.

“Not yet Munna” was her reply. “You are able to support me but still …..”

Few years rolled by and I earned my doctorate. When I broke this news, tears rolled down her cheeks. she was happy to see me in graduation attire.

“Never forget your humble beginning” She said looking into my eyes. “I can retire now. Till yesterday you were able to look after me. But with this cap today, you have become CAP-able”.

She smiled looking at me and it’s time you smile too šŸ™‚




9 liner on True Love ..

True love shines ….. shines very bright,

It stands up against all odds and fights,

You take note andĀ  believe after all there is true love, alright !!!

A few years later, there is nothing but fight,

But what I felt was true love, right ?

Where did it vanish without a sight ?

You sit back and ponder in hindsight.

In the meantime, you meet someone new that night,

& feel True love shines ………shines very bright …………..

Never give up hope !!

At times your life may seem hopeless,

And you may lament that you are ropeless,

Sleep over it and thou shall feel better,

Think over it at breakfast with bread & butter.


Life is a gift & should be cherished,

Don’t let your hope perish.

To throw it away, you are a fool

Always work, pray & stay hopeful.


Never, Never, Never give up on life,

Even though you are married and have a wife šŸ™‚

Always have hope here & there,

Hope for the best everywhere !!!!


Fishing with Santa !!!!

Off to the river with a fishing rod,

To catch a few fishes for lunch.

I dare not go home empty,

Else my wife would gimme a punch.


I tried again and again, placing the rod at different spots,

But nothing I could get.

I wondered if there was any fish there,

Waiting to be caught.


I made a wish to Santa and he appeared in a flash,

I can’t give you a fish he said with a bash.

They are same as you are to me,

But won’t send you empty ; take this and flee.


I looked at the rose bunch; beautiful it was,

Would save me from a punch and surely please my boss !!!